Sticky Note Chart

In this series of posts, I share what I’m learning as I make my way through Project Management Simplified, a course with management consultant, Chris Croft.

Step 4 of Croft’s The Twelve Steps to Manage a Project Successfully is to “think about the running order of tasks.”

He suggests making a Post-it note chart, also known as a network diagram or Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) Chart.

Involve your team and follow these steps together:

  1. Write your project tasks and the length of the tasks on post-it notes
  2. Arrange the post-it notes in the desired order of completion
  3. Add up the length of tasks to identify the longest path. This is the time you have to complete the project.

There may be some tasks that are “floaters,” meaning they can occur in a variable range of time without disrupting the overall project timeline.

Tasks that must be done within a certain time frame are considered critical. It’s especially important to double check critical tasks as they can affect the overall timeline of the project.

How do you determine the order of tasks for your projects? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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